I want to open up a cereal restaurant on the moon called Just Cereal. I hope to fund this with a career in art and music.


I will try to describe my music to you in less than 5 words.

medium-fi, indie, instrumental, electronic, pop.

There. challenge completed. 

Now, about my (current) music making process

I use a lot of toy keyboards and cheap equipment that I score during ebay hunts or impromptu trips to the used section at guitar center. they hate me there. I hardly every buy anything. I did take out a credit card with them to buy a broken juno 106. It's currently collecting dust in my grandmothers living room... ... ... I'll get it fixed once I get my act together.

I've been making music for around 10 years. one day, I decided that my music didn't belong hidden on my numerous external hard drives any more.

I wrote an album in 2016, finished it, and released it on tape cassette in 2017.
(more info on that in the blog section) Hell yea for personal growth. One Golden Star for Andrew!


I also love snapchat. please add me @swisskicks. I made a short film using snapchat (you can find that on my youtube page which is on the home page of this website) for an event that I played. (info on that also in the blog section)

Aside from snapchat and music, I love print. 

If you ever buy any of my music in physical format (it's always name your own price if you buy it in person btw) you will get some pretty cool print materials. I friggen love packaging. I'm a big fan of the three r's (reduce reuse recycle) so I try my best to use paper that would have been thrown away had I not claimed it.

You'd be surprised by the shit people throw away, especially in retail.



Anywho, thanks for reading all of this. again, follow me on snapchat, and any other social media platform. Please feel free to message me, I always message back.